Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The "Californian", Glo's Coffee Shop, Seattle

"Californian" Benedict, Glo's Coffee Shop, Seattle
Having heard from several trusted sources that Glo's is the place for benedict in Seattle, I finally decided to give them a try.

Glo's feels like a 3/4 size cafe, and is definitely not a place to go if you're in a rush--in fact, dare I suggest that you not even bother going on the weekend unless you are exceedingly patient. I'm not exceedingly patient, and so I will only go there on weekdays, when it is less crowded.

The good: Glo's knows how to poach an egg. It's oozy on the inside, soft yet solid on the outside (no snotty whites!), and topped with a sunny, citrusy hollandaise. I love lemon, so this hollandaise suited me just fine, but some might find it too lemon-y. I love the grilled tomato that goes on all of their benedicts, from the veggie to the meaty and seafoody versions. The avocado on the Californian Benedict was perfectly ripe without being mushy, and I liked the strange cabbage that garnished the plate. Strange, but nice to cleanse the palate.

The bad: The potatoes. I always feel like the big ol' scoop of potato hash is kind of a breakfast potato cop-out. Booo.

Verdict: Overall, an A-. Go there when you're not in a rush.
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  1. Wow -- sounds like you were there on a good day!
    I just ate there today and the hollandaise was completely bland - no flavor at all, much less lemon. What can did this come out of, so I know not to buy it? The potatoes were the best thing on the plate, and that's not saying much. Not to mention the lousy service.